Oases in the Desert

Me (Maarja) and Christian were 10 days in Egypt and learned a lot about the plants, grounds, salt, water and roots in Sinai Peninsula. We observed different digged holes at the building sites to understand about the ground, we visited Habiba Organic Farm in Nuweiba, Sekem Center/Heliopolis University in Cairo and farmer Gomaah Khallaf in Suez.

The meetings we had were special, different from each other and at the same time similar – all people were so friendly, I could feel how people who care about the Earth care about each other. This makes me feel stronger and I feel more grounded and sure about the way we go.

Today when Christian wrote the description of our project to apply economical support from Christina von Dreien, postman came and brought her new books which Christian ordered before we went to Egypt. Such a nice sign! For me these signs are like proof that I am on my way, I follow my heart and all is right.

So, what is my way, or our way?
I don´t see all the way front of me, I go step by step and let the road bring me further, only thing I know is that I like to be part of this community which takes care of our Earth. I invite you to join – I know we are many who want to do that, but we always don´t know how to do that. Just jump on the boat!

On the way to Nuweiba – Christian learning about the tree which grows in desert.

Habiba Organic Farm – oasis in the desert

Meeting with Angela Hofmann at Heliopolis University in Cairo


Gomaah Khallaf in Suez – a farmer with much wisdom, experiences and stories to tell

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