Healing Landscape

For a long time the civilization has behaved as if the resources of the Earth are endless, but finally it has realized that they are ending.

People have gotten used to convenience, which is not healthy for human feeling the joy of living. Unfortunately only marginally changes are made, so that people do not stop being unsatisfied and consume more than Earth can give.

What is needed is landscape and human healing – to cultivate conscious understanding of the conditions of life.

This is what Living Landscape points to. By staying in a healthy landscape human’s body becomes happy, it gains access to its extra power and ability to activate self healing process.

Healthy landscape heals people,
Healthy people heal landscape.

5 Ways to Support the Earth

Develop inner richness.
Enjoy the beauty of our earth and respect the dramatics of the nature. Be satisfied inside ourselves that we exist, that we got the life to live and are valuable without doing anything more than just what we need for surviving.

To live locally, to feel well where we are, take care of the flock which is around us – we belong to the flock and flock belongs to us – there´s no need to valuate someone, just know that all are contributing by living, and all are destroying by living as well.

To dispel the fear of unknown. Not to have fear of this which is not killing us, instead see this as a possiblity of development. To consume so little as possible of this what costs so much for the earth, consume so little as possible of that and think that this is fun to play this game.

To understand that love is not the feeling, love is not something one gets from outside to be satisfied… Love is state on earth and it is endless, but to drag love into the feeling is needed inner satisfaction in oneself. If you are satisfied in yourself, you become like a sponge which sucks in love, and love cannot stay in you – it has to be spread out to everything and everyone around you.

To crash the mythos that money makes us richer, to realise that growth is a thinking mistake – we are fooled into a squirrel wheel where we run faster and faster because we believe we become more happy when we own more. This is a lie.

The safety is richness and safety appears if our life is not in danger. How can we find the richness in simplicity – it is not possible to steal it or be envious about it, we no longer distrust others, instead becoming open and generous… this is the richness you can´t buy.

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