Landscape Healing Project

Life is incomplete and therefore what is built up will always be broken down. This struggle between the static, the ready-made and the dynamic, that which changes, brings about the need for a concious knowlegde of what it is that heal ourselves.

For a long time civilization has acted as if the resources of earth are endless but finally it has realized that they are ending. This is why people have gotten used to conveniency, which is not healthy for human feeling of joy of living and of being happy. Unfortunately mariginal changes are being made in order for people not to stop being unsatisfied and consumers. Indeed there is a need for landscape healing and also for human healing, the cultivation of conscious understanding of the conditions of life. And this project points at this very thing.

The human body is temporary and will return to the earth. When it can no longer build itself, when the life capacity has ceased, it will breake down. The immaterial conciousness of a human being then lets go, it is healed and returns to the dark and enriches the universe. It creates the present that is in the future and of which we know only faintly, that which is only a forcast and therefore very uncomplete, even though with a grain of truth.

By spending time in a healing landscape ”the body get joyous” and it then accesses its extra power and can recover, and the immaterial heals itself through the wellbeing of the body. That means we use our bodies physically so that they get stronger and develop to an optimum, and there are possibilities for that in these healing landscapes.